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Excess moisture inside your air ducts can lead to the development of mold and other harmful bacteria. It's important that your ductwork is routinely cleaned in order to ensure your indoor air quality stays fresh. If you're looking for more useful suggestions, check out our helpful tips below.

Visually check the interior of your ducts now and then

If you have a vent that's easy to remove, do so periodically and look into your duct to see whether it's time to get it cleaned. Aside from the obvious signs to look for such as dust and debris piling up, also be on the lookout for further indications of trouble. You may see rodent waste that means they've been making themselves at home in your vent, or insect husks. Mold growth may also be present if moisture got in.

Get kitchen exhaust hoods cleaned out regularly

Kitchen exhaust hoods are great for venting out smoke and otherwise that naturally occurs in a kitchen, but it also gets smothered with grease, dust, and food particles over time. If left to continue accumulating without being cleaned periodically, it can pose a massive fire risk. Many kitchen fires start as a result of a neglected exhaust hood, so taking the time to get it thoroughly cleaned very now and then will be worth it in the long run to keep everyone safe.

Weigh the pros and cons of high-efficiency HVAC air filters

Their major advantage is that they can collect over 95% of the particles circulated through the air ducts and through the house, meaning that you will have a very high level of protection from allergens. On the other hand, these filters may slow down the air flow inside the HVAC system, thus reducing its efficiency. Given this, it’s best to investigate exactly what you need and if this system is best for you.


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