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Air Duct Cleaning

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Should I Get Them Cleaned?

If it’s been a while since your last one, or if you’ve never had one, then yes! Air duct cleaning is most effective when it’s done regularly, and it’s the best way to help keep your home’s air healthy and free from allergens. Dust and other materials accumulate in your home’s ducts over time, both from inside the home and what’s drawn in from outside with the air itself. This creates blockages the slows down air flow, and forces your heating and AC to run longer as a result and waste energy. The substances also contaminate the air itself as it passes by, hence the issues with allergies. It can be even worse for those with breathing troubles like asthma, and even children or the elderly can have issues breathing in general because of poor air.

Effective Air Duct Cleaning

Allowing professionals to take care of the cleaning means that you can rest assured that there’s no risk for the dislodged materials to get into the air and pollute it further, or of making a mess! We promise this by using the finest equipment available such as a specialized high-powered vacuum that will immediately suck up the dust rather than let it spread out into the air. This also allows for us to do a thorough job without it taking too long so you can get on with your day.

Dryer Duct Cleanings Available

Just like your air ducts, the ducts of your home’s dryer also get clogged up with lint over time from use, and this can drastically reduce the effectiveness of it. If you notice that your clothes are still damp after a cycle, especially if that was the perfect amount of time previously, the problem may be dirty ducts. We can get them carefully cleaned out for you! That way less energy will be spent and your clothes will come out perfectly dry again.

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